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Crimson sADDLE


The Crimson Saddle is a contemporary country western lounge built for a more mature nightlife. We're about reinventing the idea of the county western bar in a way that honours the heart and soul of old country but is more contemporary to our current society. The Crimson Saddle is a vibrant place filled with good music, warm comfort food, flavourful drinks and charming atmosphere. The Crimson Saddle was created for the people who would rather sit and enjoy a good cocktail with friends than cram into nosy bars with the younger party crowd. 


Why not come escape into the feeling of a good
country song while enjoying a more laid back night
out experience. 


Our main logo is inspired by more traditional and rustic looking logos stripped down for a more modern appearance.

Making it iconic...


When it came to branding a place like this
it was important to me to capture as much of that southern attitude as I could. 
I decided blending illustration into the mix would help bring out more of this personality and give me some elements of my brands identity to play around with more.  

I ended up creating a series of icons heavily inspired by well known symbols in western culture and our own country culture here in Alberta. 

preserving the glitz, glamour and warmth of traditional old country while celebrating the upbeat energy and fun of modern country music.

The Crimson Saddle's drink menu features
a list of speciality cocktails all inspired
by iconic people and memories from
country culture. 


The Crimson Saddle also features a detailed menu
of homestyle cooking favourites. For our food menu
the focus was on representing the Albertan country lifestyle. 

Dressing it up...


Interior Design Shot #1 (Bar + small seating area) 


Interior Design Shot #2 (Main seating areas and upper floor) 

I really wanted to properly consider not just the brands look but also the physical space such brand would be existing in as well because it is such an important base to my concept. I put together this series of shots that represent what I had in mind as far interior design for the Crimson Saddle. It's meant to have class, kind of swanky, warm, rustic with lots of southern charm but still have just
a touch of that nightlife feel. 

Spreading the word...

This is an example of posters created for advertising
the Crimson Saddle within the city. They can either be scaled
down for pamphlets or scaled up for outdoor posters,
billboards, kiosks, etc. Digital versions of the posters would
be used for online advertising as well. 

Here the focus was more on getting the Crimson
Saddle associated with the night life scene already
established in the city. 

POSTER3.0 copy.png

The Crimson Saddles Socials and website are designed to feel as if you just stepped into the lounge itself. Cool, classy and warm with its main focus on inviting people in for some good music, good food and even better company.


Lighting up
the night...


For the final cherry on top piece I really wanted to explore creating out-door signage for a place as unique as the Crimson Saddle. I decided to keep with this blending of vintage and modern I've been playing with everywhere else and created this large neon sign. This vintage Vegas style neon sign captures the energy of night life but has been simplified and classed up to match the more contemporary attitude of the Crimson Saddle brand. 

A sign this large and vibrant is sure to catch peoples
eye passing by. 


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