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Mo. is a line of lightly caffeinated canned teas created for when you need a tasty pick-me-up without going overboard. With everything going on in the world right now life is crazier than ever which means that it is even more important to take care of yourself, even the smallest acts of self-care make a difference.  Mo. is about encouraging our customers to look after their daily well being by giving them a treat to enjoy while they stop to take a moment. 

This project was created with a colleague of mine
Kim Claussen. 

Mo. is that supportive best friend telling you to take care of yourself because they know how hard you've been trying lately.  

Mo. teas are packaged in buddy cans to reinforce that idea
of Mo. being just a short...yet tasty break. 

While we can't fix everything for you we can give you a mo-ment.
Taking mo. on the go...

In order to get our audience to really associate Mo. with the physical aspect of stoping to take
a break a lot of our brands touch points revolve around setting up these more experiential type events for people to engage with Mo. themselves.


To start this off we designed special kiosks that would appear in busy indoor public spaces (such as malls) where people could sample and purchase Mo. from. Our kiosks are purposefully designed to be a little over the top like this to represent that idea of creating your own little space of peace within all the chaos around you. 

Next we wanted another larger experiential event that involves the use of a specially designed Mo. trailer parked in busy outdoor public spaces. People walking by would be invited to step in, shut the door and be completely cut off from the outside world for a few minutes. Waiting inside for them would also be a cooler full of ice cold Mo. for them to sample while they take a moment
to themselves. 

trailer idea3.jpg

Spreading the love...


All of Mo.'s social media presence again focuses on this aspect of encouraging people to take few minutes out of their busy day to look after their own well being.  


Including the use of these feed interrupters created to carve out some space for self-care within
our never ending social media scrolling. 


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