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Simply the zest 

Simply the Zest is a gender neutral fragrance line made for the busy young adult on the go. This project was done with two colleagues of mine Kim Claussen and Leanna Santucci. We intended for this fragrance line to become part of the already existing brand Lemonade Stand. Lemonade Stands brand is all about supporting the young and bold entrepreneurs. We wanted Simply The Zest to fit into this by creating something that was funky, fresh and bright but still had that bit of street style edge to it.


Simply The Zest's three signature scents Friday I'm in Lime, Tom Sour and New York State of Rind are based off bright citrus scents meant to give a burst of energy
and freshness wherever you are. 

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Small order to go... 

Our roll on bottles are small enough to fit into any pocket
or purse so you can freshen up on the go anytime, anywhere and not be weighed down.

For our outer packaging on the individual bottles and the combo pack we wanted something that matched the clean and fresh style of Lemonade Stand's brand but with our own illustration styling 

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Social media + Print ads 
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