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Take Flight Brewing


Take Flight Brewing is a craft beer brand dedicated
to preserving the longstanding rituals around beer while only using sustainable circular design strategies for their packaging and production. 

Take Flight Brews are sold in special tasting kits,
that include a traditional assortment of beers and
a uniquely designed tasting board all packaged together neatly in environmentally conscious materials. Using this system Take Flight kits are fully portable and able to be sold in e-commerce markets as well, moving the ritual beyond the brewery 

Take Flight Brewing believes people should be able
to enjoy the experience of a tasting flight, in the comfort of their own home even, while also still being better to our environment.

Reinventing A Ritual + Making it sustainable 

Take Flight Brewing makes use of three circular design strategies that helps them soar above their competition in every way. 

Smart material choices 

- Take Flights Tetra Paks are made from recycled materials and are easily recyclable themselves
making for an all around better life cycle.

- Take Flight Tasting kits feature a reinvented tasting board that makes use of plastic lumber materials
that simulate the feeling of a wood board but is more durable, long lasting and
is easily recyclable at the end of its life cycle as well. 

- All of Take Flights outer packaging is also made from recycled Kraft paper materials
and can be composted or recycled when they're done being used. 

Closed loop/take back system

- Take Flight tasting kits are to be produced, packaged and sold within breweries.

- Customers would then purchase the kit with the beer assortment they want and enjoy
it at leisure wherever they want to.

- When finished customers can return the empty tetra paks to the brewery for refills or flavour exchanges. Should they choose not to refill them they can return their kits for special discounts and to feel good
knowing they participated in a program that benefits our environment. 


- Breweries then sanitize and repackage the tetra paks and boards into new kits,
essentially starting the cycle over again and cutting back on the need
for constant new materials . 

Product life extension 

- Take Flights reinvented tasting boards were designed with a more box like form to allow
it to be easily used by our customers for other purposes within their homes, should they
choose to keep it instead. Thus extending its life cycle even further. 


Our woodsy, folk tale feel creates
a sense of story to our product that honours the traditional spirit of beer... and looks great on social media feeds. 


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